Exciting News !!!

Hey Fellow Vapors....

 It's been a minute since we last wrote a blog. I've deleted a lot of the old ones and have decided that it's time to connect with you all on a more frequent basis. We have gained so many amazing and loyal customers throughout the last 4+ years thru this site and our original site www.exhalevaporwholesale.com, that I have been trying to come up with ways to stay connected with you all. So I thought I would give this blogging thing a shot. Bear with me please as I am new to this ;). 

For all of our long standing customers I want to say Thank you sincerely for your support and standing behind what we do as a Company. You have truly made these last few years amazing. 

To all of our exciting New customers....WELCOME!!! We're glad you came. Thanks for trusting us to be your new e-liquid supplier. We will work hard to make and keep you happy.

Now on to our exciting news.....

If you haven't noticed we have added a new category in our store called our "Signature Line" Although the pricing for these flavors are the same as our Premium E-juices the difference is these particular flavors are designed to keep up with the market demand for higher VG ratios and "Cloud Chasers". These flavors tend to have little more depth and layers to them. But the bare bone explanation to these products are that with higher Vg ratios flavors tend to take a lot longer to steep than the average blends. As most of us know VG does not marry well with flavoring. So our solution to this problem was to craft new flavors that are formulated best with higher VG levels, that even freshly made will be amazing. We are satisfied to say we have made a really great start and will be adding more and more each week. Please note that these are great immediately but supersede themselves the longer they steep.

If you have already tried one of these flavors please leave a review and let us know what you think. You're input helps us in serving you and others. Although flavor is subjective all suggestions will be considered.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this and for your patronage!!